Afro-Latin Blues (with a social conscious)


   Mastered in the Pacific Northwest but with roots in Africa, Mississippi, Cuba, Jamaica, Spain and the Andes, Ojos Feos plays all original compositions which blend jazz, blues and bossa nova chord progressions with African and Latin rhythms such as samba, tumbao, cumbia, cha cha cha, guaguanco, djoli, highlife and reggae.  The music is structured with an upbeat and driving tempo, in high energy and danceable style.  

    The songs bleed out the hardships of the politically oppressed and marginalized, portray humanity’s search for faith and pleas for God’s forgiveness, and in the Delta tradition, relate both fondness and frustration with the opposite sex.  The tempo and core of the music is led by the steady drumming of Cheo Larcombe and the rhythms are decorated and defined on bongos and congas by percussionist David McLean.  Chris Hale processes the rhythms with his groovy electric bass lines and Grace McLean lends her smooth and soulful voice to mesmerize the audience in Spanish, English and African languages.  Lead guitarist Dashel Ruiz adds crafty guitar hooks and virtuoso solos.  On electric violin, Jeff Sullivan crafts beautiful violin melodies and fills.  The all-original music project is led by multi-lingual vocalist, composer and multi-instrumentalist Robbie Cree.